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Page One Person: Anita Bentata

Anita lived with fear and terror from childhood. After years in a violent relationship, she escaped with her two girls. With a damaged heart, she looked for help to overcome …Read More

Page One Person: Author, teacher and leadership expert, Andrew Hackett

Andrew Hackett has more than 20 years of experience helping people think outside their limitations to move beyond their fears so they can accomplish amazing things in their life, business and …Read More

Page One Person: Nicholas G. Muscat of Aussiemoneyman

I am a 19-year-old entrepreneur from Western Sydney NSW. Raised in a family of limited means, and with a terminally ill father, I set out at a very early age to …Read More

Page One Person: Tom Allwright of Adventure Abroad

Tom started Adventure Abroad to inspire people to get up and do the things that inspire them. He imparts this desire by providing a platform for unique adventure opportunities and …Read More

Page One Person: Kate Bell of Zip Us In

I am Kate Bell, serial Entrepreneur. I started my first business after being made redundant in 2004. As a single parent to an 18 month old, with little options for …Read More

Page One Person: PTSD Whisperer, Nick Davies

We all need a little help from time-to-time and I know that only too well. In the year 2000 I collapsed with chronic stress and subsequently experienced anxiety and, it's …Read More

Page One Person: Creator, Producer and Director of Ma-Cherie TV, Cherie Laurent

Hello, my name is Cherie Laurent, My family's origin is Iranian, but I was born in Iraq, during the war between Iraq and Iran. An extremely challenging time for me …Read More

Page One Person: Global CEO of Sterling Media & Worrld We Want, Natasha Mudhar

Natasha Mudhar is an international communicator and director working on some of the most socially relevant global campaigns. She is also Global CEO of Sterling Media, the multi-disciplinary, international business …Read More

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How Mumpreneurs Manage the Work and Life Balance

The work and family balance is something that still falls to the mother, women are still the sex that make the most sacrifices regarding children and work. It often seems…

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Book Of The Month: The Book of Amazing People

The Book of Amazing People is a groundbreaking project that honors and showcases individual success and achievement. In the chapters of this book you will read inspiring and motivating real-life…

Set Your Voice Free

By Chris Sheppardson, CEO at EO Innovates (www.epinnovates.com) The fact is, work without passion and a sense of fun creates a level of unease amongst leaders and their workforces.  In…


Can you write an article explaining how businesses can make marketing work?

My Entrepreneur Magazine and Media Republic are publishing a series of special features providing insight into how entrepreneurs can take their businesses to new heights with proven and practical up-to-date…



Growth and Strategy

5 signs your employees are unhappy and how to fix it

Every good employer knows that creating a positive work environment should be a top priority. After all, if your employees feel happy and satisfied at work, they’re more likely to…


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The UK Focus on 5G: Why 5G isn’t 4G + 1

It’s easy to think of 5G as just ‘faster Internet’. And while we can expect average up-and-downloading speeds to increase by 10x, with peak speeds up to 50x faster (50Gbps),…