How to transform your life from insanity to sane

Transform-Your-Life-From-Ordinary-To-ExtraordinaryHow can one define the word Insanity? By definition insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting a different result. Can anyone relate? I know I can. That was my entire life for thirty two years. I thought I was alright, I knew something had to change when I realized what used to work no longer worked and it started to become more difficult as time went on. God had to take me through a transformation of my mind. My life was havoc and, to add insult to injury, my children were being affected by my poor choices. I knew in my heart they deserved better; God had blessed me with two wonderful children. Transformation is a process, not something that can be done overnight, but over a period of time. One must be committed to the process. Our souls are made up of three components: the mind, will, and emotions. And when we are damaged from early childhood experiences at adolescent stages of life we tend to carry those same burdens into our adult years. I know for myself that is what happened.

At the age of fourteen I was raped and almost beaten to death. I was robbed of my innocence and, that night, that little girl died. Life was never the same for me, even though I tried to get on with life but I struggled from within. I would lay awake at night. Crying so hard in an effort to push away his hands from my body and my mind. The mind is a very powerful thing and it controls every part of us. It took me thirty two years to get released from bondage. My deliverance did not happen overnight. It took so many tears and sweat but I am here today to give all women a message of hope; we cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how it affects us. Never allow the storms of life to rage on inside you. That will be the end of your sanity. So, how do you transform your life from Insanity to Sane? I will provide you with everyday life principles which are right in front of us, but we miss them every time. We often expect things to come to us in a huge way but, often times, the best gifts come in a very settled way.

If you find yourself stuck, wanting to break free, but do not know how, you have the power within you to change your perspective. Our minds are the battlefield. If you can get a hold of your mind half the battle is won. Throughout the day we have thoughts that attaches themselves to our minds and, over time, if we continue to dwell on those thoughts, our actions will begin to align themselves with those images that we perceive in our thoughts. What thoughts are telling you that it is impossible? Your life will never change? Your circumstance will never change? We all hear those thoughts at times in life, but you do not have to yield yourself to them. When those thoughts come (and they come to all of us), you must channel those thoughts with something positive that is in your life. Those thoughts of whispers are called strongholds. They come from our childhood and we begin to exercise them as pyramids in our lives. They become our compass and, when ignited, all those memories come rolling back like floods of water. Everything we do in life starts with a thought – so we have to gain control over our minds.

  1. You must deal with your past so you may embrace your future. What I mean is this: in life things happen to us just like it happened to me at the age of fourteen. I never dealt with the rape and, as a result, my life spiraled out of control. Everything I did – good or bad – was a result of the rape. What has you bound to the past? For me, I became attracted to men that were abusive. And when someone nice and decent came along I did not know how to deal with him. How many of us are in that same situation today? You have to see yourself coming out of your situation. So, yes, your perspective has to be changed. And that comes from having a new mindset. If you are ever going to move forward you have to take that first step. Even if nothing else feels right, eventually it will align itself.

Have a renewed mind. Surround yourself with positive people that will lift you up. You do not need others who will tear you down. Some people have been in our lives for too long. It is like having a comfortable pair of old socks. They are so comfortable – even though we know we need to throw them out, we hang on to them. Old habits die hard. But, if you are going to commit yourself to a purpose, say goodbye to those friends. This is not to say they are not good people. They are not good for you in the season that you are in. Quite recently I experienced this with a girlfriend that I had known for seventeen years. I discovered during my book promotion that she did not come out to support me. And, when the event was over, she did however call me. But at no time did she enquire about the book release party or mention anything relevant to it. At first I admit I was upset. But I remember a devotion that I have been reading for weeks and it went as follows: “Not everyone will be able to go on your journey. Dust the sand off your feet and keep moving forward.” My first thought was; “not my friend of seventeen years.” There are some people that we outgrow and, in order for you to excel, you must let them go. If others are not growing with you, then they cannot go with you….

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