The Secrets of Video Marketing

video-marketingTo video or not to video? That is the question. If you were to ask businesses a few years ago if they needed a website or not, most of them would say – “website? my business is doing fine right now without one”. Then it did not take long before they realised that you do need to have a website and if you were to set up a business today, having a website is almost a non-question to consider.

Next, social media came along and once again some businesses took a little longer to embrace this technology. Whilst, the early adopters that embraced it really helped their business – the ones who took longer are just reaping the benefits now and some are still lagging behind. Not to mention the businesses that have adopted social media by creating their social media presence but are not really conversing with their prospects/leads/clients in this platform – they are still yet to really reach the full potential of this medium.


Google is the first ranking and the biggest search engine in the world. Google has that much reach that the name had become a verb (see Oxford Dictionary). So for example, you might hear people say “let’s do a search on Google for cars”. To shorten the conversation this would turn to “let’s Google for cars” or you might hear someone say to another “just Google cars”. Even though Google did not want users to use Google as a verb, it had become one.

That said, being the number one ranking search engine in the world is not without its merits. It became that way because the search engine results it brings out are (deemed) of quality by a lot of people – that is the reason why they are widely used by users.

Part of this is also due to their secretly guarded algorithms and their constant updates to always ensure the results they bring out are exactly what the users wanted.

Online Ranking

There are two types to ranking your website on Google. First one is through advertising via their Google AdWords platform where businesses would pay per click and bid on the keywords those users would type or search on their platform. The more competitive the keyword the more expensive it is to bid on per click. The amount per click will vary depending on the industry as well as the supply and demand.

I have seen terms from $0.10 to over $300.00 per click for specific keywords. I had even seen terms that are nearly $800.00 per click and even to an obscene amount of over $3,000.00 per click – that’s right over $3,000.00 per click and that’s not a typo either. Advertising in Google will guarantee you placement in their pages. The more clicks you get on your ad – the higher your placement becomes and Google also reward you by reducing your cost per click with advertising.

The second type of ranking is via the organic search ranking on Google. These are the results that shows up on the left hand side of the Google search queries (i.e. under the first top 2 or 3 paid listings and left of the right hand side Google ad listings. Simply put, the paid listings show the phrase “ Ads by Google” and the organic listings doesn’t show that phrase at all………………….

Online Marketing Sorted!.

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