Business Growth – Doesn’t matter the size of the Business – The Key is in the Approach

diagram-act-plan-check-doIt’s True – whether a Large Multinational or a one person Professional service – the steps to growing the business are the same.

Having a systematic approach to growing your business, a determined approach that keeps you focused on the growth is essential.

For large multi nationals – there are teams to work on Continuous Improvement and Growth. For small size businesses , mentors and coaches are very useful to keep the focus on the necessary goals..

Whichever way you decide to approach this process, the Deming Cycle – Plan, Do, Check, Act is a strong framework to use to get a head.

Step 1 – Plan – Here you really look at where you are and what you want to achieve. Set clear Key Performance Indicators to measure your success.

Step 2 – Do – This is the execution of your planned approaches – to get ahead –

Step 3 – This is where you check your Key Performance Indicators and see if your approach is working.

Step 4 – This is the training – the growth – if you haven’t quite made the mark – then you will have to learn approaches to improve – or you need to learn approaches to handle whatever situations are occurring.

Then, you go back and have another look at the Key Performance Indicators and go through the process again.

The fascinating point is that this is suitable for any goal – whether it is business growth or public speaking ability or marketing a business or learning to use a video camera or learning an accounting package – this sort of system and approach works for any goal that you can think of. We are put into this world to learn, grow, develop and achieve seemly impossible goals. This approach will help you get there.


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