Published On: Thu, Apr 23rd, 2015

Creating Video is an Easy Process?

Ways to PromoteCreating video can be done by most people now – They have their Phones and can create video like taking a photo! It is amazing technology.

For Business People, this means that you can talk to your clients and prospects via video. Easy – Right?

Not really – if anyone has got out their Sony Handycam and tried to video – they play it back and may be disappointed with the results. Then, they do it again and again then get tried of the whole process and give up in disgust! It can take many “Takes” and then when you look back your not really happy.

So What is the Process and how can we produce video we’re proud to display?

1. You need a Script – remember that your audience’s attention span is short – very short- so just try a 90second video to start – keep the script really simple, have it fast moving and get your message out early.

2. Set up Your camera – check lighting and this about the Audio – are you close enough to the camera for sound or do you need a mic? Audio is really important for the success of the video – so pay extra attention here. Remember to think about your surroundings and especially the background.

3. Rehearse – practice your presentation a number of times , have the script easy to flow off your tongue – if you have access to an autocue – then this will help you to remember your lines – if not just practice and keep it concise.

4. Appearance – before getting infant of the camera – dress to represent your branding – professional, modern, lifestyle, trades – Think of your appearance as representing your Brand. Makeup is necessary – Foundation for men, Makeup for Ladies really helps even if you don’t normally wear much makeup.

5. Presenting time in front of camera – there’s been all this preparation and now its your time to be the performer. Double your energy level for camera. Take some deep breathes before starting. Really look right at the lens of the camera. Give all you have plus a bit – you want your video to have lots of energy! Smiling really helps. Here it helps to work with skills trainers to help you look and present the best you can – especially at the start when the technology is new.

6. Post Production – this is the part that people don’t think about but it is time consuming and needs skill as well as editing software. You can do it yourself with free editing software – it all depends on the look you are wanting and where its going to be used.

Working with Professionals who understand the best way to get your message out there using video is really worthwhile. You can learn the process and then when you make your own video – you have an understanding of the best approaches. See – The Speakers Practice – for details of programs available. Here’s a trainer, an accountant and a marketing manager speaking about creating video.


About the Author'

- Running your own business is a journey and the way that Adrienne McLean believes that confidence brings success.

 Adrienne McLean grew up in a small business environment. After completing a Science degree, she had a corporate career as an Industrial Chemist, in research and development and management, then worked as a consultant for small business. After developing a keen interest in presentation skills, in 2009, Adrienne took the brave step to become an entrepreneur which has taken her on an amazing journey with the establishment of The Speakers Practice. Adrienne has specialised presentation skills and in marketing. Adrienne has studied marketing with Michael Port - the author of four top best selling books including Book Yourself Solid and titled by the Wall Street Journal as a Marketing Guru. In March 2014, Adrienne travelled to Philadelphia to attend the program run by Michael Port as apart of being a member of his mentoring program. Now, Adrienne is a BookYourselfSolid Certified Coach - the first in Australia. Adrienne as apart of her presentation skills development has trained with Sue Gaulke, Successworks USA. Adrienne travelled to Portland Oregan in 2009 to become the first Australian Internationally Accredited SpeakersTrainingCamp Instructor. Adrienne is a member of Toastmasters International and is a Distinguished Toastmaster. Adrienne also trained with Lucy Cornell for Voice and Mariette Rups-Donnelly for Presentation Skills along with competing Business studies. Adrienne is the Founder of The Speakers Practice , a regular presenter , blogger and a contributing author in four recent business publications. Adrienne helps building confidence with presenting, developing methods to promote and build awareness with the goal to help build business. Adrienne is to Les and mother to Paul, Andrew and Elizabeth and is a Primary Carer to her Father.

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