Dr Firas Hasan is new writer at My Entrepreneur Magazine

firasDr Firas Hasan is passionate about health, and believes no individual should be deprived from achieving optimal health. He is also a firm believer in achieving total wellbeing in his patients and is committed to providing you with a superior level of health care at each and every adjustment.

He has completed 9 years of university education at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne Australia.

He is also currently completing a medical degree that will qualify him as a medical doctor. Dr Firas attends numerous seminars on chiropractic every year so that he can give you the most up to date treatment in chiropractic. He serves as a member of The International Chiropractic Paediatric Association and the Australian Spinal Research Foundation providing a valued contribution to ongoing spinal research. Dr Firas receives regular chiropractic care himself at Be Well Chiropractic.

Dr Firas is devoted to providing you with a thorough assessment, thorough diagnoses and the most advanced and effective treatment possible. Dr Firas has the following purpose for all his patients: “I want every individual to experience the miracle chiropractic has to offer and take action to treat cause rather than symptom. I want you to stop taking unnecessary medications and allow me to get to the bottom of why you are on medication in the first place. I want to be the doctor that will help you bring out the best individual in you and help your body function the way it was designed, without interference”. – See more at: www.platinumchiropracticcentre.com.au

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