Restoration expert Idan Shpizear joins My Entrepreneur Magazine

IDANIdan Shpizear is a true “coming to America” success story. Having recognized the growth potential of the restoration industry in 2007, he and friend Peleg Lindenberg decided to start 911 Restoration with little more than $3,500 and a Volvo for an office. Success was not easy in the early days, and especially in the depths of the great recession, but through perseverance, ingenuity and good business sense the company grew and began franchising with branches all major cities around the country and Canada.

Idan is now a highly successful entrepreneur, business leader and innovator, with over a decade of experience transforming small struggling businesses into successful large ones with his unique perspective and drive. Idan dedicates himself to creating a “fresh start” mentality for everyone he works with, from homeowners in need of restoration work, to franchisees looking for a way to achieve success.

Idan is also the founder and owner of two other successful businesses which sprang up from needs found within the restoration industry. Milestone SEO serves as a marketing arm for 911 Restoration and works in lockstep with to connect sales force professionals with one another in what has become a lead generating engine for businesses.

Idan’s belief in the power of the American Dream combined with his strategy and tactics for achieving visions in the business world has made him a true American success story and an incredible resource for homeowners and business professionals alike.

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Idan will be writing a regular column for My Entrepreneur Magazine starting from next week.

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