Rustie MacDonald joins the team at My Entrepreneur Magazine

I am a Life Coach and Business owner. I have been a Coach for more then 10 years.  I am a devoted mother of 2.  I graduated Johnson State College with a B.A. in Psychology.  At age 25, I was honored to work for a company in Belgium in sales and marketing. The domestic and international travel in and outside of the United States further broadened my perspective. I spent the last 18 years in Sales and Marketing. I continue to work in sales and marketing full time and was a business coach for 5 years until another life changing event helped to set my path.
I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2006. I did extensive work researching how to not only survive, but live well with Celiac disease.  I realized how few educational resources were available to those with Celiac Disease. This further deepened my desire to help others. I opened Celiac Roads Life Coach, which has grown to have an international presence. I am blessed to be a respected consultant for schools, restaurants and families. I teach how to live and thrive on a Gluten Free diet.
I continue consulting, helping small businesses on growing their sales and teaching effective marketing strategies. I was recently interviewed on The Power of One TV show, which airing in May 2011. As an advocate for Celiac Disease, I lover to present my motivational and inspirational messages throughout New England and  continues to expand my positive messages internationally.
I am a true believer in changing the way we think and use words. I have inspired many to improve their personal and professional lives. I am an avid volunteer and coach’s community soccer. I am a big believer in Random Acts of Kindness.  I often pay for someone’s toll or coffee randomly. I have helped change the lives of many people and have the goal of changing more.
So, please join me.
Rustie will be writing a regular column for My Entrepreneur Magazine starting from next week.
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