The biggest Investment you will ever make is to invest in yourself

Invest-In-YourselfI learnt very early on that the only way I was going to retire by the age of 28 (my first goal) was to invest in myself. This meant improving myself in every way possible and learning new things that would add to my basket of goodies on the road to success.

Reaching success is like preparing for a good picnic. If you pack the right stuff then when you get to your destination and finally sit down after laying down your picnic mat and choosing the best spot, you can dig in and have the best meal in the best surrounds. You need to fill this basket first before you go to the picnic. My picnic was to be retired wealthy at 28. So I began to fill my basket as soon as I started university. I infact spent the final year of my university life travelling around Australia meeting with super successful businesses people in my chosen field and learning everything I could that had made them successful. I learnt the art of communication, the importance of certainty, body language, goal setting, law of attraction and most importantly persistence.
The first thing I learnt was that I had to give myself permission to achieve and permission to receive big rewards. This is arguably the first step to achieving success. If you do not conquer this step then you may be setting yourself up for subconscious self sabotage which is one of the most common barriers to success (barriers to success will be discussed at a later column).
The next thing was to put together goals that involved desires and needs. Both are equally as important and as your desires will often be the fuel you need to push through when achieving your goals start to get boring or too easy.
Your first goal may be to eliminate all your debt or to buy your first house. These kind of goals are achieved very easily (to be discussed in another column). You need to set yourself outrageous goals which are also easy to achieve but give you much bigger satisfaction. These come under the category of desires, the category that many people fail to give themselves permission to achieve.
It astounds me how many people I have helped who had the power within them to achieve their goals and to live the life of their dreams and all they needed was simple strategies and a simple plan.
There is absolutely nothing difficult about achieving the life of your dreams. You just need to design it. In my next column I will be discussing the entire process of designing the life of your dreams from what this life actually is to why you want this life and most importantly, what you may be doing that is holding you back from achieving this very simple goal.

Dr Firas Hasan is an accomplished businessman and chiropractor who owns numerous clinics around Australia and his biggest passion is making dreams come true for everyday people.

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