Zachary Rook is new columnist at My Entrepreneur Magazine

zachary-rook--truck-back-groundAs the Director of a company that provides moving and storage services across Australia you would think they come as straight as a pencil – not Zachary Rook.

Before delivering removalist solutions for Optus, Commonwealth Bank, Westfield and FKP, this 28-year-old entrepreneur was a hand-hopping, head sliding professional breakdancer paying his way working part time for Kelowna movers.

Nowadays, his Brisbane based company, Your Local Movers, has experienced an average of 30% growth year on year since first starting in 2007, expanded operations throughout Australia and Zachary is now on the board for Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO), an exclusive group for business owners turning over a minimum of $1 million per annum.

So how does a Bboy make it as one of the city’s most successful entrepreneur? The story is simple. Nine years ago, 19 year old Zachary was travelling around New Zealand and looking to make a few extra dollars, so he started working for a removalist company.

Four hours later he decided he could do a better job, bought a $3,500 truck and eight years later he employs up to 50 staff in locations across Australia.

The young entrepreneur says his success is attributed to one simple element – excellent service. After having a relative lose everything through another removalist company, and then his brief stint in New Zealand, Zachary noticed a gap in the industry.

“Prior to working in New Zealand, my aunty had lost everything when a moving company didn’t deliver her things and she even paid in advance. Then working in New Zealand was a tipping point where I realised there was next to no customer service in the industry,” says Mr Rook.

“I came from working in a high valet customer service restaurant and running music events, where everything had to be done to a top quality standard.

“Although I didn’t have much experience as a removalist, I had plenty of experience delivering high quality service, which is so important particularly in an industry where you are trusted with others possessions.”

After operating in New Zealand for 11 months, Zachary decided to move back to his home town in Brisbane, but the journey has been a challenging one for the young business owner.

“The 2011 floods were an extremely tough time for our business, like many small businesses in the area it hit us hard with the office and warehouse inundated with 11 metres of water.

“As an entrepreneur, you realise one of the most important things is being surrounded by positive, likeminded people that understand you and understand your problems.

“I found this joining Entrepreneurs Organisation, or the Justice League of Entrepreneurs as I like to call it, which really kicked my personal and professional development into high gear.

“As one of the youngest members in a group of over 100 of Brisbane’s top entrepreneurs, it was really great for me – especially going through the tough times – to learn from people that come from all different business experiences. Being in business teaches you great mentors and a strong support network is vital.

“The floods were tough, but with the help of my mentors I was able to remodel the business, expand locations and improve technology processes, so it’s onwards and upwards from here!”said Mr Rook. And in parting words a Bboy turned entrepreneur: “Be yourself because everyone else is taken.

Zachary will be writing a regular column for My Entrepreneur Magazine starting from next week.

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