Published On: Mon, May 4th, 2015

7 Beliefs of an Empowered Entrepreneur

Thomas EdisonYou would have to agree that Entrepreneurs have different beliefs than other people. An Entrepreneur, for example would NOT believe that they will live off a pension when they retire; in fact the idea of retiring probably seems ludicrous. What would you be retiring from? Why would you want to retire from something you love doing? There is also a saying “early retirement, early death.” This is because these dead retirees had no reason to get up every day, no purpose. Your beliefs are the foundations of what your businesses are built on. Are your beliefs Empowering ones that will support you to overcome obstacles and achieve your wildest dreams?

The following are not necessarily true but produce amazing results. They can be a bit uncomfortable at first like a new pair of shoes. Try them on and just like that new pair of shoes they are destined to become comfortable over time.


There is no such thing as failure, only useful results. Every result gives you information. This information is needed to correct your way towards a desired outcome. There are only actions and consequences. Consider how many inventions we enjoy due to the inventor having this belief. Believing in failure negatively impacts self-esteem and confidence, which are two key components in empowered entrepreneurs.


There are no limits. If you can dream it, believe it and take action, you can achieve it. The Wright Brothers dream of flying would have seemed laughable to most people until 1903 when they achieved what most thought was impossible. Don’t share your dreams with “dream crushers”; share them with “dream supporters”. Share your dreams with Entrepreneurs who have open minds. They will support you, while helping you with constructive ideas and encouragement.


Successful people know they are responsible and accept the full consequences of their actions and behaviors. If you can accept and firmly believe this, you are in a good position for real accomplishment of all your aims and goals in life. You know the buck stops with you. There is no-one to blame as blaming makes somebody or something else responsible. Blaming takes away your power to be able to change the situation. Accepting personal responsibility puts you in the driver’s seat.


You know the only person you need to be better than is the you of yesterday. You don’t compare yourself to anyone else as you know that is pointless and based on ego. Your standards uphold your philosophy which is much more sustainable than motivation, which can ebb and flow. Your standards are your moral and ethical compass. As human beings we are designed to grow, so make that growth be in the way you raise your standards.


Top Entrepreneurs keep accessing, absorbing and incorporating new information that will help them have the edge and learn how to do things better, in less time, with less effort. They join business associations and clubs, and they network with other skilled people to learn their secrets of success. Top Entrepreneurs attend seminars and workshops and always gain some new knowledge, even if it is what NOT to do. They know that education is a lifelong process which is one of the best investments they can make – investing in themselves and gaining experience.


I am open to new ideas, new ways of doing things. I am open to other people’s feedback and exploring different ways of doing business. This belief allows for maximum flexibility with your approach to everything. It gives freedom to how you think, what actions you take, how you perceive something should look, how long it will take, how profitable it will be, etc. A rigid branch snaps when pressure is put on it. When that branch has flexibility, it sways and adapts. Are you adaptable and open in your life and business?


This is a number one priority to support all other beliefs. As you believe in yourself, the confidence to take the actions required will continue to grow. Self-belief helps overcome the fear of failure, intimidation and apprehension and can minimize procrastination. As you focus on your achievements, skills and talents you will feel your self-belief growing. Your past successes will lead to future successes.

Even if you don’t have all these beliefs yet, don’t fret. Just try them on and experience how much more Empowered you feel. Place colored Post Its in prominent places to help remember them, adopt them and make them your own beliefs.

Post It Notes

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