The Power of Gaining the “Slight Edge”

Woody Allen once said, “Eighty percent of success is turning up”. Maybe!

My observation has been when entrepreneurs simply turn up and sit around waiting for miracles to occur, they are usually left disappointed.

I have delivered thousands of presentations to close to a half a million people over the past decade, and I’ve discovered there are several fundamental differences between those who make money from my advice, and those who simply make notes.

The difference between moneymakers and note takers is stark.

A moneymaker is looking for one idea, a single nugget they can use that will give them a competitive advantage. The note taker is looking for the magic bullet, the answer to all their problems.

A moneymaker leaves a seminar with a short list of key items they will action immediately. The note taker leaves a seminar with a note book filled with ideas and concepts that will soon be placed on a shelf or in a drawer and never looked at again.

The moneymaker only attends an event if they truly believe it will help them progress their business or life. A note taker will attend any event on offer, especially if it’s FREE.

A moneymaker doesn’t hesitate to invest in a system, program or product if they believe it will help them to advance. The note taker is afraid to invest because they doubt themselves.

Really successful people understand the concept of “the slight edge.” They know that the difference between unbelievable success and utter failure is measured in inches, not miles.

When I went to the US and attended Info Marketers Conference, I only gleaned ONE idea from the entire event that was totally new to me and that I had never really considered before. That one single idea has since generated an additional six-figure income in the last 18 months. No kidding.

Listening to an interview with a strategy coach, I got a random idea that has dramatically improved my productivity every single day. It’s hard to actually put a dollar amount on it, but I can assure you it will amount to millions over my lifetime, not to mention the improvements to my quality of life. Back when I was first starting my consulting business, I bought a system for $16,000 that enabled me to provide new coaching clients with
 a product. At the time, I didn’t have any products of my own. In the end I didn’t use the system I purchased. But I did unearth one simple idea – just one – that became the foundation for me building a million dollar business with only one part time employee.

The point is, you don’t have to do or implement every single idea, strategy or tactic you receive in order to greatly improve your profits. Thinking like that is actually foolish. If it’s true that your life is the sum total of the decisions you make, then it’s important you make the RIGHT ones. Some bad decisions are irreversible, or at least extremely painful to undo. Fortunately, if you have not made the progress you’d hope up until now, you CAN make a decision right now to change the game and start implementing a new idea.

If you are serious about success, the answers you need are all around you. They are delivered to you every day in publications like this, in podcasts, books, webinars, seminars and dedicated programs for personal and professional development.

If you seriously want to go to another level you it’s not enough to be interested, you must be COMMITTED to exposing yourself to new ideas, adapting those concepts and then applying them to your business. Let’s face it, if you ask any business owner if they are interested in more sales and more profit they will all say yes. Everybody’s interested, but it’s those who are truly committed to innovating their sales and marketing that achieve incredible results.

Ultimately you can be a MONEYMAKER or a NOTE TAKER, the choice is yours. Choose Wisely!

Written by Paul McCarthy

Paul McCarthy, Australia’s RockStar Marketer, is an award winning international speaker, author of the best selling book ‘8 Steps To a Remarkable Business’ and the creator of the 12 Week Marketing Makeover.

For further details on Paul or to contact him, you can visit his website at


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