How can I sell my online business?

videogamesI have a games site (providing features, news and reviews ) that I’d like to sell.   The site receives around 20,000 unique visits a month.   I am now looking to sell up the business as I am looking to move away from video game editorial.   We did have an independent valuation done six years ago by McCabe’s and at that point it was valued at 1.2 million GBP.  How can we find a buyer for our games site?


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Hi, The main online place for buying and selling domains is Flippa: However I don’t know if they deal with sites in your target price range – perhaps take a look at their high value businesses and see if they are attracting businesses. Another market place which takes the presentation more seriously is Empire: Their fees are higher and they require you to prepare much more information but that is probably a good thing anyway. With whichever site you decide to use, it is good to put together a proper business presentation – the more seriously you treat… Read more »