Bob Meads: Developing a Future-Proof Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Enterprise-MobilityOur world is increasingly mobile, but many companies have been slow to integrate these technologies into their business. With enterprise mobility on the rise, rather than holding back, companies should be looking to future-proof their business by developing a robust strategy. Here’s why:

Real-Time Data

Mobile devices provide real-time data to employees on the plant floor or in the field, letting them quickly access relevant information and record or analyze machine data on the spot, optimizing efficiency. Employees use their mobile devices to capture the data they need, eliminating the need to write it down and later record it on a separate system. 

Enhanced User Experience

Mobility can improve work efficiency in countless ways while reducing errors stemming from manual processes. Scanning location-based identifiers such as QR codes to upload data into systems, recording video, and taking photos for sharing with peers or managers are just a few examples. These time savers are also the key to successful enterprise mobility adoption, regardless of your employee demographic. 

Personal Ownership

Allowing employees to access corporate systems through their personal devices leads to reduced data costs and better employee engagement. Employees feel a strong sense of ownership when they use their personal devices for work, and they always appreciate the freedom to choose their own device. 

System Functionality

Not only do mobile devices help your employees work more efficiently while on the job, they allow them to stay connected and be productive while travelling or working outside the office. Although adoption of user-centric platforms involves a few challenges, with the right security strategy, overall business growth can result.

As enterprise mobility evolves, more companies are realizing the need to take advantage of mobile devices to spark growth in their organization. With mobile apps, wearable technology, and augmented reality on the rise, it’s time to future-proof your business by connecting your employees throughout the workplace.

By Bob Meads, CEO of iQagent

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