Need to fire up your business with intrapreneurial flair? Meet our writer Bivek Sharma

Bivek-Sharma-(1)-copyHaving kicked off his career by growing a small and agile family company, and quadrupling its income first hand, Bivek Sharma, Head of KPMG’s Small Business Accounting team, is now using that grounding to sprinkle a dash of innovation and entrepreneurialism into the corporate world of professional services – challenging the norm, while championing small businesses across the UK.
The youngest-ever partner at KPMG, Bivek applied his ‘intrapreneurial’ skills to shape a new market for one of the ‘Big Four’ firms – shaking up the professional services market with an innovative, digital, cost effective and time saving approach to accounting for small businesses.
The virtual FD service is designed to take care of every aspect of a small business’ finances; from payroll and expenses to accounts and cash management. Entering the small business arena for the first time and moving away from its usual FTSE 350 customer base was bold to say the least – however headed up by Bivek’s ‘intrapreneurial’ approach, KPMG is actively disrupting and innovating the market to spearhead profitability for small businesses.
And this approach has paid off for both Bivek and KPMG – having launched in October last year, KPMG’s Small Business Accounting service now provides advice, support and professional services for small businesses across the UK. A testament to Bivek’s ‘intrapreneurial’ spirit.

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