The 20 Minute Mind Map Business Plan

It’s important to understand that their are two types of business plans.

The first, and most important is a plan that takes your idea, concept, dream, and transforms it into an actionable plan that sets you on a path to owning a successful business. It’s creative, inspiring and provokes deeper thought and effort.

The second, is a 50 page document that fulfils the needs of bankers, investors and business coaches. It’s super important, a necessary evil. It’s gruelling to develop, a real chore for creative types, and should be tackled once you have established your business and looking at the next stage of growth.

The 20Minute Mind Map Business Plan is the first step in taking your idea and turning it into a series of easy actionable steps.

Developing a mind map is a creative process, using a basic structure but prompting you to explore and delve deeper into issues that are important to you.

Start off by downloading a free Mind Mapping software, I use  or you can go old school and use a pen and paper.

Now it’s time to explore and provide solutions to the 7 key questions that stand between you and success.

20Minute Mind Map Business Plan
20Minute Mind Map Business Plan

Take 20Minutes to explore each question:

1. What are your products/services?
2. How is the business scaleable?
3. Who can we sell the products services to?
4. How much will it cost to get the first products/services ready to go?
5. How can we reduce risks, errors and ensure that we don’t loose money?
6. How can we automate processes and remove ourselves from the system?
7. What are the regulatory requirements that we will have to hurdle?

Take some time to think outside the square, dig deeper.

If your selling a product, search  and see whats already available from the world largest commercial marketplace, that you could easily import. 

If you can’t work out how to scale the business visit and see how people are using a $30 a month website to build thriving e-commerce businesses.

Don’t have the cash to start the business? Listen to this Beers Blokes & Business podcast on how to use crowd funding to start your business.

Once you have explored and captured your thoughts on each of the 7 key questions, grab a highlighter and highlight all of the actionable items that you can now start working on. Number each action, creating yourself an actionable list.

Now we have a plan, some simple steps that will snowball and gain momentum, and you can register that business name,  website domain name  and ABN.

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