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identityI run an expanding Health & Beauty business. I obviously keep confidential client records and we use a variety of channels for our communications including Facebook, email, digital newsletters, texts and so on.  It seems as if every week these days I see another scare where a business has been hacked and customers being furious. It really worries me since an issue affecting even a few of my clients would probably ruin my business. We use our phones and tablets at work and to check diaries remotely, and someone told me that’s my weak link and I should also investigate what he called (I think!) identity access management which presumably means which of my team I allow to access our server?
Am I worrying about nothing or should I be concerned?

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Lorraine Pirihi

You’ve identified a potential problem which you believe could really be harmful to your business if it occurred. If this is the case, trust your instincts and search for a specialist/s in on-line security and get some advice on this so you can make appropriate decisions and take action.


This is a very common question, but is not one that has a simple answer. In this internet based world, being online to advertise services, communicate with customers and to compete in markets that are becoming more and more saturated and competitive is a must for every business. All of us use the internet as a 1st port of call for new business or to find out about something; we simply “google it”. Not having some sort of presence on the internet is simply not an option, however this immediately leads to the big concern for security aware individuals; “Is… Read more »

Ian Collard

A positive is that you have recognised a potential problem exists, and it could have a critical impact on your business. Blissful ignorance is the most dangerous place to be. It’s worth considering what is at risk from unrestricted or unprotected access to your customer data. If you are holding customer data in an unprotected format e.g. an unencrypted spreadsheet or database then the first and most simple step is to make sure that data lives in a place where it can only be accessed via a username and password at the very minimum! You might consider encrypting it too.… Read more »