Is MONEY $$$ more important than LOVE?

If a loved one of yours was kidnapped you would pay the money. Even if it were millions of dollars, that was demanded by the kidnappers as ransom.

It appears at face value that people would say love is more important than money; however some interesting things in life would show evidence to the contrary.

I recently attended two workshops which had the same trainer, however were very different subjects.  I regularly attend other people’s workshops to see what I can do to improve my workshops.  The first workshop was called “A Clear Path to Love” and the second workshop was called “Money Magic.”  Which one do you think had the most people in it?

The “Money Magic” workshop had 75% more participants than “A Clear Path to Love” had in attendance.

This showed me that four times as many people would spend time, money and energy to get more money than they will invest in love!

As the divorce statistics show, the notion of the “happy ever after” marriage is not sustained as often as people had expected.

Far from it!

According to the UN’s Demographics and Social Statistics Division, (which keeps track of the ratio of marriages to divorces in each country) many countries have over a 50% divorce rate.  Countries that came in at over a 50% divorce rate are USA, France, Spain, Portugal and Cuba with many other countries also having high divorce rates.

Romantic and marital bliss eluded all these divorced people.  Defector couples can be included in these heart-breaking outcomes.

Is it possible that if these couples knew more about love and how to have “A Clear Path to Love” that they may still be together?

If people knew more about their thoughts and beliefs around relationships and had more realistic expectations, would couples enjoy longer more fulfilling relationships?

The importance of effective communication, particularly in relationships is often overlooked.  Would effective communication help couples stay together in a mutually fulfilling partnership?

I am aware through my work with thousands of people that the majority of these people are hoping that somebody will make them happy.  That “somebody” is usually their significant other.

There is this belief that having a partner will make them feel whole and complete.

I fell a victim to this trap of hoping somebody else would fill the void in me when, at the tender age of twenty I got married.  I was so desperate for somebody to love me and help me feel whole that I got married.

Three years later, when that marriage ended in divorce I realized that nobody else could give me what I need to give myself first.  I needed to love myself and discover what made me happy.

Nobody else can make anybody else happy.  Only we can choose to feel feelings of happiness in our own bodies.  The responsibility of individual happiness relies on the individual.

I remind my husband (no 2) of twenty-two years to get himself happy and I will get myself happy and then we can come together as two happy people and create something awesome.

How can somebody else make you happy if you don’t know how to make yourself happy?

So what has all this go to do with money?

Absolutely nothing!

However, the majority of people think that money will bring them happiness, when at the end of the day they would give up all the money they have to get their loved ones back.

Also, life with money but no love would hardly be worth living.  A basic human need we all have is for love and connection.

I have had a huge number of male clients say that when their children were growing up they were so busy making money they missed spending time with their kids.  Some of these fathers also feel like they do not know their children and have many regrets.

Is money more important than Love?

As Dr John Demartini says – “our values are displayed by where we spend our time, money and energy.”

I also know that when a man or woman is busy at work making MONEY, he or she is doing so because of their LOVE for their family.  They have a deep desire to provide safety and security for their loved ones.

In a perfect world twenty hours of work per week would be sufficient to provide for your family.  It would include having the time and energy to attend your children’s sporting and drama events.  You would be able to take them to school and pick them up.  People would have the energy to go for walks with their partners.

In a perfect world people would also have the time to indulge in the things that bring them happiness.  For me it is a bike ride, a wave ski, reading or meditation.

Have you designed a life where you have time and energy for the things that make you happy, so that you can bring your happy self to a relationship?

You may be saying right now “I don’t have time!”

Most people spend between two and a half to five hours a day watching TV, according to “The statistics portal, Statista.”  That is a lot of hours passively sitting behind a screen which does not bring the kind of happiness that partaking in your favourite, healthy activities helps you attain.

Life is about balance and spending some time on all the different areas of life.  Neglect one area of life, such as health, your emotional well-being, relationships, your business or finances and there will be a price to pay.

Let us love ourselves enough to pursue what makes us happy and know that everybody deserves to make money doing what they love.  That is a great combination of love and money.

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