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Are you a business person with an interesting hobby, skill, passion or recreational pastime?  Perhaps you sing, play a musical instrument, dance, paint, do Karate or ski. Share your interest with the world.

Our sister magazine, Business Minds United and PRHQ media agency are producing the ultimate showcase that proves that business people like you are talented in other ways.

Our ShowBiz section shows business people when they’re not working in (or running) companies. Do you have a hobby, talent or skill that you would like to share with the world? Send a video of yourself to PRHQ and we’ll feature it, and your business, in the PRHQ ShowBiz section. The section will be promoted worldwide by PRHQ and will also appear on the PRHQ YouTube channel.

To send us a video of yourself, please email

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Your name

Job description

Country and city you are based in

The name of your business, a brief description of what your business does and a link to your site.

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