While we all have our own personal goals and aspirations, one thing all entrepreneurs share in common is the desire to succeed in the business world. There is an abundance of information that clouds the industry with top tips to success, and while it’s difficult to decipher what advice you should follow, a good place to start is learning from someone who at the age of 37 has already achieved his goals.

Zaki Ameer, property expert and founder of Dream Design Property, moved to Australia at the age of 18 with no friends, no income and a significant amount of debt from international University fees in order pursue his dreams. Despite the many challenges he faced, with a lot of determination and a clear end goal in sight, Zaki persevered and just a few years later had built himself a successful portfolio of 10 properties, worth a total of $3 million.

Now, Zaki credits his success to his hard-work, clear vision and resilience, and share’s his top five tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur:

  1. Aim high

Why stop at good when you can achieve great. To reach the level of success you desire, it’s important to aim high and create big, yet realistic, goals for yourself and for your company. The visions you create will be the driving force of your motivation so focus on your best reality, plan your success, have certainty and create it! Look at the bigger picture and establish what’s important to you, what your core values are and understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.  If you stay focused on the desired end result, work hard and let nothing stop you, you will create your own success in time.

  1. Lend a helping hand

In order to succeed you need to understand the importance of establishing strong relationships in the business world. If you want to work in an environment where the visions and goals for your business are supported, don’t be afraid to help others on their path to success to create an environment where all parties will prosper. Develop a culture of sharing and take pleasure in helping others succeed, especially within your own team. Happy employees who constantly feel supported are more likely to have high levels of motivation which in turn will boost productivity within your business.  If you want to succeed, treat all relationships as great sources of support, influence and inspiration.

  1. Be tenacious

What makes one entrepreneur more successful than the next isn’t necessarily talent, but more about putting what they already have to good use. Focus on productivity and efficiency for your business, and always put your resources, may it be staff, time or money, to good use. Self-control is an essential tool for achieving your goals, so be sure to maximise every day to its full potential irrespective of your mood. Some days will appear more difficult than others but it’s important to put your head down when the going gets tough and have the tenacity to see it through.

  1. Stick to what you know

To be successful you need to remain adaptable and constantly embrace change. It’s important to never stop learning from your experiences and always treat the relationships you create as essential steps in your road to success. However, as an entrepreneur you can never be too prepared so always be aware of proven formulas and implement them into your work accordingly. Staying prepared and relying on tried and tested formula’s will save you a lot of time in the long term, and while diving into new and risky ventures is an important part of success, by repeating what has worked in the past you save yourself from making the same mistake twice.

  1. Never be afraid to ask for help

To stand out from the pack, successful entrepreneurs are constantly on the hunt for new opportunities that others have missed. Similarly, continually asking the right questions and always remaining open to learn is a definite way to stay ahead of the game. Always surround yourself with the right people who understand your vision and share you business goals. Mentorship and training is what fuels insight and inspiration, and without input and advice from others you run the risk of developing tunnel-vision that will blind you to future opportunities and chances for success.

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