Is laziness Slowing Down Your Success?

Achieving better outcomes in your life means making changes, especially to your behaviour.  However, keeping up the momentum is what can make the process challenging. And that’s where the key to sustainable change lies. Once you’re able to keep yourself staying on track, you can become unstoppable.

Changing your tendency of being disorganised is not something that can be done in a day or two. It will take time & continuous effort in order to get rid of a long-standing trait, however the end results will be worth all the struggles.

At Relaunch Your Life, our clients have come and asked for my advice on how they can keep up the momentum on their quest to relaunching themselves, whether it be in their business or personal life.

As a small business owner, it’s vital to free up their time so they create the space to focus and take consistent action.  We want to avoid overwhelming them and I always tell them to start with having a  timesheet and writing everything down as they go.

It’s easy to do and helps you identify where you spend your time, and whether that time spent is productive or not.

Barry’s Story

I’ve been working with Barry for several months on regaining his mojo. Prior to us working together he had been dragging his feet, feeling disillusioned with his business and life in general.  He was going through that phase many established business owner’s over 50 go through.  Barry’s business had been suffering and his staff were underperforming because there was no-one leading.  Barry had abdicated his responsibilities and as a consequence everything had been affected.

I had Barry fill in a timesheet for a week, recording all his activities.  He discovered he had been lazy in recording chargeable time , work he could have charged clients.  This additional time added up to 5 hours/week.  At his hourly rate it equalled $78,000 per year!




I advise clients to start with writing down their activities for a week to see where their time goes. On average, the business owners I  work with realise they waste at least ten, if not 20 hours a week doing things that they shouldn’t be doing.  In Barry’s case his no.1 realisation (and there were many others), he was losing thousands of dollars just through sheer laziness!


Feeling tired, worn-out and over it and wanting to do business better?   Discover how you can Relaunch Your Life ….

Lorraine Pirihi from Relaunch Your Life is known as the Babyboomer Coach/Business Mentor.She specialises in helping babyboomer business owners avoid burnout and reignite their passion for business and life.

Her book, ‘Mind Your Time’…50 ways to succeed in business and life is the ultimate time management handbook for entrepreneurs based on her 13 years experience as a productivity specialist, business and life coach.  Lorraine is the ‘go to’ person for Babyboomer Business Owners and has helped hundreds of people achieve rapid results in their business and life!  Find out more at


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