Are your excuses working for you?

I had a new client who’d been putting off investing in herself. She’d spent thousands of dollars on her website, business cards and other ‘bright shiny objects’. Mary has a service business and did what most people in her industry do to get business and ended up burnt out and not very profitable. Within the first hour in our planning session, she realised she’d been spending 80% of her time on 20% of her clients, who gave her 20% of her business.

In other words, she spent most of her time focusing on the least profitable clients. She had been in business for 15 years and it was taking it’s toll on her physically and mentally. Mary has recently turned 55 and she eventually wants to wind back from her business, even sell it however no-one would buy it or manage it because everything is in Mary’s head.

Mary also discovered that she had already done the hard yards and could clearly see how she could easily quadruple her profits and work much less, but only if she did the following. Mary needed to:

1) Manage her time.

2) Get fit and healthy to have the energy to run her business.

3) Stay focussed; she was always running around after the next, bright, shiny object.

4) She had to learn to say ‘no’, so that she could actually get things done.

5) Mary needed to take consistent action and finish things off. She was a good starter but a poor finisher.

6) Mary had to stop being a perfectionist, delegate and continue getting the help that she needed.

7) Her business required systems so that others could follow the processes and do the work effectively Imagine if she didn’t find the money, where would Mary be in the next few months?

Most days she was extremely tired and irritable and on the verge of exhaustion. When you’re in enough pain and realise you have to invest money in yourself, whether it’s for your own wellbeing or business, don’t make the excuse you don’t have the money or you’re too busy. Ask yourself a better question: how can I find it? Always look at where you want to be, not where you are now. You will always find the money when you want to do something badly enough.

The Final Word It’s the beginning of a new financial year, another milestone on the calendar. The year is ticking by and if you’re still sitting on the fence waiting for things to happen, you could still be sitting there this time next year! If this reasonates with you and you’re ready to take action, book for a complimentary 10 min “Procrastination Kicker” session. Email: And if you feel you can do it by yourself…then take action!

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