How to Avoid Distractions and Stay Focussed

What are you focussing on achieving in your life in the next 90 days? When you’ve got a clear focus, you can easily say ‘no’ to activities and people who distract you.

Simple things like turning email and mobiles off, closing the door, working elsewhere and only having what you need to on your desk all help you to stay focussed.However there’s often other areas that take you off track. ..and that you can be completely oblivious to!Take ‘John’ for example. He told me he gets to his office by 8.30 a.m. each day and rarely gets home by 8.30 p.m.

This had severely impacted on his health and family life. He was stressed to the max and his wife barely sees him. He has ‘no time’ to work on his business which has put a ceiling on his profitability.

Here’s some of the reasons why he was ‘working’ long hours:

  • John was leaving his office door open all day and he let his team interrupthim constantly. He’s a ‘nice guy’ and doesn’t like to say ‘no’. He found it was easier to get his work done after everyone else went home.
  • His family life was very important to him, yet he didn’t plan to be home ata specific time… there was no clear focus on his finishing time.
  • John didn’t use a diary to plan his day. He used his telephone to remindhim of his appointments and that was all the planning he did!

..and that’s just for starters!So now he is:

  • Closing his office door and allocating specific times of the day to beavailable to his team. He’s also arranged for a regular weekly team meeting to improve communications within the office.
  • John has decided 6.00 p.m. is a reasonable time to be home, so he’snow got a clear time focus on when he needs to finish up for the day.
  • He’s bought a diary and structured his working day. John has a planto follow and just needs to follow his own plan.

Making these three simple changes to start with will have a major impact on John’s life  He is now aware of his behaviour and how he can change his life for the better.

Having a structure and clear focus (plus consistent action) will determine how and where you spend your time and the results you achieve. Make sure the direction you’re heading  is where you want to go!

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