How much longer can you wait?

With all the free time you have coming up in the next few weeks, it will be an ideal time to reflect on your life.

I find that many people want to make changes and no matter how many seminars they attend, books they read and actions they may take, they are still feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied.

This time last year, I was in that situation feeling frustrated, not knowing what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, feeling stuck, conforming to mediocrity and not fulfilling my potential.

It’s amazing how so much has changed in such a short period of time.  I reached out and got the help I needed to reinvent myself, create ‘Relaunch Your Life’ and have become much more content and on purpose.

Being able to help others, especially business owners over 50 who feel the way I did is so fulfilling.  I used to think that I was the only person feeling that way.
There’s way too many people who have been or are still in the same situation…nothing much has changed. Another year goes past and they are still stuck.

Midlifers are concerned about their health, their relationships, their finances, their business, their identity and the possibility of retirement.  Many clients work with me because they want to ‘find their true self’ which has been buried over the years.  They want to lead more fulfilling lives and have more fun!

The challenges they have in their businesses are a direct reflection of themselves. If their people aren’t ‘performing’, it’s because they aren’t performing.  If their relationships are not fulfilling, it’s because they aren’t personally fulfilled.  If they are unhappy about their excess weight it’s because they are unhappy internally and not motivated to take care of themselves.

This is the ideal time to take stock, acknowledge where you’re at…be truthful and don’t bury your real feelings with alcohol, food and other negative behaviours.

Write down what you’re happy with and what you want to change.  The next step is to take action, like finding a life coach who can help you succeed.  Why?
because for many people they cannot make the necessary changes on their own…if they could, they would!

They get stuck in procrastination, fear and overwhelm.   Often they want ‘success’  but deep down don’t believe they can get ‘it’. That’s where coaching can help you see what you can’t see and show you how to get out of your own way.

This may be you…you keep attracting the same situations into your life and keep busy so that it  prevents you from really addressing your true feelings and the real issues.

Isn’t it time you took your life seriously?
After all if now is not the time…then when? When you’re over 50, it is not the time to procrastinate.

What if you continue what you’ve been doing?  What will happen?
What if you don’t continue what you’ve been doing?  What won’t happen?

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