Are You In A Never Ending Spiral of Disorganisation?

One of the key things that will prevent people from moving ahead and achieving more is their lack of time from being disorganised. Most people are wasting so much of their time on things that don’t really matter. It’s like they are running on a really fast treadmill but in reality they are not going anywhere.

If you’re a babyboomer business owner, you cannot afford to waste your valuable time and energy because the last thing you want to do is suffer from burn-out!

There is a way if you want to free yourself from this never-ending circle. Are you spending too much time getting anything significant done? Now is the opportunity to get started by clearing out your office space.


You have to understand that it’s the little things that will make a major impact on your time reserve.

The time it takes for you to find a pen, a book, or a stapler in your office is time wasted unreasonably, because you’re disorganised. If you want more time to focus on doing something valuable, de-clutter your office. This is what you should do first of all.

When you’re working in a messy environment, other than getting distracted & stressed out unnecessarily, your professional image will also be affected negatively. Your potential customers will draw an opinion of you based on your working environment. Here they will develop their judgements & feelings toward the business.

A messy office is a sign of an unprofessional business. The products or service’s of your business will also be discredited as a consequence of this preconceived idea.

Are you a ‘clutterholic’? Make it a mission & commitment to clean up your working space. Do this before you get on to anything else in your quest to gain more time for yourself. After you’ve finished with the real world, take some time to clean out your virtual world too by checking all your emails to delete all the spams & ads, or unsubscribing to the sites that you don’t visit anymore, etc.

If you think de-cluttering is so difficult for you to tackle alone, ask for help from a professional organiser.

A cluttered mind is a result of a cluttered environment. Once you are able to clean up your working space and maintain a clutter-free status to it, you will feel lighter, freer, and more focused on things that really matter.

Are you a business owner wanting to boost your productivity & profits?

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