Product review: The Qu-Chi Band

hayfeverA year ago writing this review would have been nearly impossible.  It’s the middle of summer and usually at this time of year I’m a mess.  Runny nose,  watery eyes, constant sneezes that literally blow my hat off my head.

With these ailments it’s nearly impossible to string together a coherent sentence let alone write an incisive and informative article on anything.  Like 10 million other poor souls in the UK I suffer from hay fever and, for us at least,  summer means misery.  That was until I heard about the Qu-Chi Band,  a tiny  band that stimulates an acupressure point in the crook of the elbow to helps free the pathways to the nose and throat.

The Qu-Chi Band is light, unobtrusive and chemical free.  And it works.  Amazingly well. I should know.  Over the years I must have tried almost every pharmaceutical remedy for hay fever that’s ever been invented.  From pills to potions.  Sprays to inhalers.  At best, these so-called remedies would make may hay fever slightly more tolerable.  At worst, the only real difference I would feel would be in my wallet.  The Qu-Chi Band, however, is a different story.  I was, to say the least, slightly skeptical when I heard claims that this tiny band could make such a dramatic difference to the quality of my life during hay fever season.  But it has.  According to its makers, , the band is based on a science that has been used and understood for a very long time.

The Qu-Chi (‘Ku-Chi’) point has been studied for thousands of years by acupuncturists and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It lies on the large intestine meridian which runs between the forefinger and the tip of the nose. It’s used to pull energy away from the face to treat sinus problems eye complaints allergies and skin problems.  The company said its research suggested that the Qu-Chi Band could be effective in relieving the symptoms of hay fever.  They were right.  I wore the Qu-Chi Band for a week and ventured out armed with a box of tissues and a pocket full of nasal sprays.  Some seven days later I realized (to my surprise) that I hadn’t sneezed once.  Even standing in my garden (something I would try to avoid in summer) had no effect on me whatsoever while wearing the Qu-Chi Band.  Amazing.

Priced at just £12.95 the Qu-Chi Band is also pretty easy on the wallet as it never runs out. Now that’s a bargain.   And the really amazing thing is that because it’s totally drug free,  there’s absolutely no drowsiness.  Which means you can wear the Qu-Chi Band to work and just forget about it.  Excellent.  If you suffer from hay fever and dread the onset of summer,  help is finally at hand.  The Qu-Chi Band could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.  Highly recommended.

9 out of 10

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