The Entrepreneur Show talks to Fleur Filmer

Fleur is a career marketer and entrepreneur. She has lived in as well as founded and owned businesses in both her native Australia and Hong Kong.
As the founder and principle of The Marketing Consulting Company (TMCC for short), Fleur has an innate understanding of the economics of business and the value of expert marketing and communications in every industry.
TMCC specialises in strategic marketing for eCommerce operators and includes a range of specialists in;
• Website design and development,
• Online marketing and promotion,
• eBay store design and promotion
• Social Media strategy and implementation
• Communications and copywriting
TMCC also works with selected SMEs on their marketing and communication strategies.
Fleur’s passion is to simplify the marketing framework for every business with whom she works. She prides herself on speaking “fluent tech” as well as English and can therefore easily bridge the gap between the sometimes confusing disciplines of marketing technology & automation and common business practices.
With a history in product development, product sourcing, importing, wholesaling and retailing, it is not surprising that Fleur’s business interests extend beyond strategic marketing consulting to two successful online stores of her own.

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