Are you an organizer of an award or industry trade show? Contribute to The Book of Awards and Trade Shows

My Entrepreneur Magazine is producing a series of ground-breaking international books showcasing excellent industry awards and trade shows.  The books will spotlight events that have made, or will make, a positive impact on the industries they serve.  The series is worldwide. Our first book covers awards and trade shows in the areas of Property, Travel and Tourism, Finance, Weddings, Recruitment, Health and Well-being. Can you contribute a chapter about your event?

The Book of Awards and Trade Shows spotlights industry and trade events that set the standard for other events to follow.  We’re also interested in featuring up and coming awards and trade shows that stand apart from the competition in the way they recognise excellence, reward innovation, encourage healthy competition while also bringing together businesses of all sizes.  If you organise an award or trade show in either Property, Travel and Tourism, Weddings, Recruitment, Health and Well-being or Finance and would like to have your event profiled in The Book of Awards and Trade Shows, we’d love to hear from you.

The Book of Awards and Trade Shows will be published as an ebook as well as a paperback and will be marketed through Amazon, My Entrepreneur Magazine site and selected book stores.   If you would like to contribute to The Book of Awards and Trade Shows click here.

Contributor requirements:

Must be an organizer of an industry award or trade show.

Contribution deadline:  May 18th 2017


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