Stacey is collecting 1000 Stories to help answer life’s unanswered questions

Throughout the world there are thousands of kids who go through life with unanswered questions to everyday life problems.  Australian Woman Stacey Huish knows this first hand as she has spent her life being a mum to over 30 kids and helping to answer all of their questions.

Being there for kids is one tough job and this Local Woman has taken on the role of being a mum to as many kids as she can. Stacey Huish has helped to answer questions about purpose and where do these kids belong, where do they fit in in this world. Questions about how to handle a person or situation, and many more.

After spending a great deal of 30 years being there for those kids who needed someone to help them, Stacey Huish has now decided to put together a book that has 1000 Stories from 1000 people all answering life’s most important and toughest questions.

You have heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” – this is true. This book is the village, being there for those kids when there is no people around to talk with.   This will be a strong village comprising of 1000 people each sharing a pearl of wisdom with a child.  This village will be around for many years and can be passed down from one genration to another generation.  The knowledge that people share will last a life time.

One of the ways that I can be there for those kids is for them to have a book with all the stories in there for them to read at any time.   I will be able to impact more lives and Make a bigger difference.

The true Ripple Effect is in the hearts of the stories that each of you share with the many people who will read them.   Your story is just one of many Ripple Effects that will take place right across the world.  But each of you has a heart touching story that will make the difference in many people’s lives that you will never meet in person.   But,know that your story has changed the life of someone, somewhere in the world.

When everyone comes together and shares their story then we will change the world. Together the Ripple Effects that will be created will be life changing and life long lasting.

I have complete faith that your loving words will help so many and I look forward to sharing the pages with beautiful souls who, similar to myself, truly want to make a difference in others’ lives.

I had one woman say to me “But, I can not write!”  I said to her, you don’t need to be a writer, all you need to do is to be a mum and talk to a child.  Tell them what they need to hear. Teach them what they need to learn.

There are already people from Africa, Japan, Nepal, and of course Australia writing stories for this book.

I still have to collect another 900 stories, but I am well on the way.

Iain MacKenzie says: “When Stacey Huish told me about this project I thought, It was a great idea, let me be a part of it!”

Tammy Richie says: “I just had to be a part of this project. I need to help those kids”

Lisa Plumridge says “I am in awe of your inspiration and beautiful idea of bringing this together for these children. The impact these stories will have on their lives will be mind blowing and deeply moving. I am feeling extremely touched by the gesture and immensely grateful that I can be a part of such a movement. What a highlight of my life! “

To be a part of this exciting project, people can go to the website to register:

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