Australia’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs: Dr Kate Adams

Dr Kate Adams is the founder behind tech startup Thankly launched in October 2016 and is a tech platform that has revolutionised gifting in Australia by bringing back the old fashioned thank you. Thankly makes it easy for people to send handwritten cards and gestures of appreciation, in less than 5 minutes from their phone or computer. Thankly has a very small curated selection of unique gifts to choose from and allows the sender to compose their own message and choose a handwriting style for their card. The sender can choose to just send a card or add one or multiple gifts for a bigger gesture of thanks. Thankly is great for businesses who want to stand out, increase their brand loyalty and to stay top of mind as unlike email, it’s a marketing touchpoint that has 100% reach. Thankly encourages people to send gifts on a more regular basis by making them accessible, easy to choose, and affordable. Thankly, as Australia’s niche destination for gratitude gifting, has grown month on month since launching and has been featured in Marie ClaireStartup DailyWomen’s Agenda and the Anthill Magazine’s SMART100 for 2017. It is used by more and more businesses to capitalise on relationship building and creating sincere connections with clients and customers.

Dr Kate is also the co-owner of the very well known, Bondi Veterinary Hospital. She still works in a clinical role at the vet practice as a Bondi Vet a couple of mornings a week and despite her busy schedule, she really likes still working as a ‘real’ vet in the hospital (managing this around media events). It allows her to remain ‘down to earth’ and connect with her ‘why’ – to leave the world better than she found it. She is found at the hospital almost every Saturday.

Being a Bondi Vet, as well as an entrepreneur and advocate for Women in Science and Technology, Dr Kate is a regular speaker at women’s entrepreneur and business events and can often be heard on various podcasts, radio programs and TV.


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