Australia’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs: Janelle Ryan

Janelle Ryan is a passionate and dedicated Personal Coach, the founder of Sky High Coaching, a regular and avid blogger, published author and engaging and inspirational speaker who credits everything that she’s experienced in her life to date to her love and success in the life development arena.

Janelle’s passionate and enthusiastic nature, along with her unwavering belief in her clients makes her a natural in working with successful high performers ready and committed to take their life to the next level. Her level of genius is her ability to use her intuition and skills in assessing what isn’t being said and tapping into what is being communicated. She has a gift of seeing behind the facade and bringing forth her clients true inner most desires – even those they are not necessarily aware of themselves.

Janelle believes the path to a fulfilling and blissful life is not merely about goal setting and achievement. She believes underlying the pursuit of every goal is the need to make the change required – this change could be physical, mental, emotional or relational. Janelle works with her clients on clarifying their vision, busting through self doubt, creating more confidence and living a life they want to live, rather than one they think they should be living.

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