Australia’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs: Ludwina Dautovic

The Room Xchange is a new mid to long-term accommodation platform connecting stressed, busy households with a spare bedroom with Guests who are willing to give a couple of hours of help around the house each day, in Xchange for food and accommodation.

The Host provides the space; the Guest provides their time. The Host gets some time back and the Guest dramatically cuts their cost of living.

It’s a new way of living through collaborative consumption. With 7 million spare bedrooms in Australia we have the existing infrastructure to start changing the way people live, by utilising underused resources.

Ludwina Dautovic is the brainchild behind The Room Xchange and is passionately working with businesses and communities to help make an impact in some of society’s key challenges, such as: housing affordability, limited affordable long term rentals, increasing ageing population, high cost of childcare and affordable university housing. All these issues are contributing to time-poor, stressed out households and a generation of young adults with little options for affordable living.

Over the past four years, Ludwina has experienced first hand the benefits of living with Xchangers in her home. Instead of spending her evenings and weekends doing housework, she spent the time with her family, friends and doing the things she loved. After being continually asked by her friends how they could find someone to help them in their home Ludwina and her husband saw the value in creating an online platform that would help others find an ideal Xchanger. They re-mortgaged their house, backed themselves completely and The Room Xchange was born.

 Ludwina has been a successful entrepreneur for over two decades. Starting by being commissioned by Apple and Optus to create an educational media program, which signalled the birth of her first company, Media Minds. She produced and presented a #1 rated iTunes podcast show, ‘Switched On Conversations’, where she interviewed global thought leaders in the areas of online, digital and new media. Ludwina then combined her technological expertise with her business acumen and consulted to businesses operating in the online space.

Today Ludwina is an investor in five new and emerging technology start-ups. She is regularly called upon as a commentator in the media on the Sharing Economy. She is now facilitating Xchanges across Australia and New Zealand with the UK, USA and Canada following by the end of the year.

To find out more go to:

Social media: @TheRoomXchange

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