Spotlight on: International Andrology

The Andrology Company is the first international healthcare company specialising in men’s health.

Through our medical practices network (International Andrology) and telemedicine platform (ADAM Health) our aim is to facilitate easy access to discreet, affordable and high quality healthcare to men around the world.

Marinos Alexandrou (pictured) is the founding Director of IA and holds six directorships in total. He founded the International Andrology Clinic four years ago as a way of uniting existing providers of men’s intimate healthcare across the world into one coherent organisation, specialising in best practice and advancing the knowledge base underpinning this sensitive discipline.

International Andrology London offers the latest treatments in men’s healthcare. The clinics are proud members of International Andrology (IA), an international collaboration network of the leading practitioners of Andrology. The  doctors are experienced Urologist-Andrologist surgeons and have played major roles in the development, co-development or improvement of many of the modern surgical techniques currently standardised throughout the world as well as pioneering holistic treatments covering a broad range of men’s health.

Previously, Marinos co-founded the Microbrewery of Paros, the heart of the “56 Isles” of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. The brewery is still immensely successful, producing over a quarter of a million bottles per annum.

In addition to his other directorships within the leisure and residential sectors of London,  Marinos advises Businesses on Mergers & Acquisitions, Fundraising and Investments. Marinos is a Cypriot national and attended the Cass Business School at the University of London.

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