Published On: Mon, Oct 9th, 2017

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Oliver J Woods – The Man Behind the Hair

Oliver J Woods is a stylist to the stars, such as Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Robbie Williams. As he steps into a new roll, we can learn a lot from the entrepreneur behind the hair.

There’s a buzz around at the moment, about a no fuss hair care range for men. Men have realised they need a bit more for their hair and skin over the last decade but this new, dapper range really stands out. Why?

It may be because it actually saves time, there’s no primping, no fancy way to use it, no faffing about. It may because the man behind the range is intriguing, interesting and every bit as gorgeous as the celebrities he caters for.

Meet Oliver J Woods. A hairstylist with a boxing background. There’s nothing namby pamby about Olly. He’s a man with little time that understands the importance of looking your best and that’s what his new range encapsulates.

As he launches the Oliver J. Woods men’s haircare range, I look into the man behind the mask, the man behind the Abyssinian clay.

As the personal stylist to one, Mr Robbie Williams, Oliver has picked up quite the reputation. He has groomed some of the biggest male stars in Hollywood, not least Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. His celebrity following is enviable, but it’s clear to see why he’s so popular. He’s a simple, straight bloke with a complicated talent, he knows how to make a man look good.

His dexterity for style and his open nature have seen him become a presenter on TV, as he served on the panel of the C4 show Model Behaviour. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of Olly on the telly.

The list of magazines he’s worked for is nothing short of mind blowing. From Vogue to GQ, Flaunt to Rolling Stone.

Set to launch on the 5th November, the new range of products combine luxury ingredients with an easy usability. Any smart man with hair will benefit from these tools Olly has used to pamper many a celebrity.

Using Black Seed Wax and Abyssinian Clay, the products make it easy to nourish hair while making it go your way. The results, a proper preened look with zero amount of effort.

Oliver J Woods is one to watch, as are the products hitting the shelves. Find him on Instagram to get a taste for the A-lister high life, or amble along to the website.

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