Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2018

Flavilla Fongang: The secret of Neurobranding and Neuromarketing

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Neurobranding is often used by big brands such as Nike, Apple and Coca-Cola, but it’s seldom written about. So, what is Neurobranding and how can it help in business?

The secret of neurobranding and neuromarketing is to tap into your audience’s pain points and demonstrate the importance of your brand, product or service through contrast.

To stimulate engagement you need to emphasise the tangible value, use visuals, and strike an emotional chord. Here is the process:


Diagnose the pain

1 – Self-centred

Our brain is highly stimulated by content that appeals directly to us and our situation. Does your product or service fix a problem? Focus on the problem to help potential buyers self-diagnose. I.e. A beauty product that reduces wrinkles might focus on how wrinkles make people feel. Diagnose the pain in your marketing.


Differentiate your claims

2 – Contrast

The brain is trained to notice contrast. If your content marketing is unique it will stand out from the crowd. Make your content unusual, demonstrate the value, and people will share it. This should be apparent throughout your marketing.


Demonstrate the gain

3 – Tangible

As people, we are only concerned with what we can see. Demonstrate the value that your product/service provides in a real and familiar way. Demonstrate why prospects need to have it. Make an emotional connection.


Deliver to the reptilian brain

4 – Beginning & End

We are highly influenced by the beginning and end of an experience; and not that fussed with what’s in the middle. By placing a high value on the expectation and the delivery/how people feel at the end, prospects feel assured of the outcome.


5 – Visual

A picture is worth 1000 words.

By showing a visual representation of what you plan to deliver, you are helping the consumer to understand what you are saying without having to involve the other areas of the brain.


6 – Emotion

Triggering positive emotions can also be effective, though the reptilian brain is more drawn to negative emotion.


It might sound complicated but focusing on these elements will help you to get more sales.

Neurobranding is effectively using mental triggers, emotions, and experiences to lead your prospects to make a buying decision. There is a reason why big brands use it – it works!


By Flavilla Fongang.  Flavilla is a branding expert, and the founder of




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- Kizzi Nkwocha is the editor of My Entrepreneur Magazine and publisher of My Making Money Magazine, the net’s fastest growing wealth creation publication. Kizzi Nkwocha made his mark in the UK as a publicist, journalist and social media pioneer. As a widely respected and successful media consultant he has represented a diverse range of clients including the King of Uganda, and Amnesty International. Nkwocha has also become a well-known personality on both radio and television. He has been the focus of a Channel 4 documentary on publicity and has hosted his own talk show, London Line, on Sky TV. He has also produced and presented both radio and TV shows in Cyprus and Spain. Nkwocha has published a number of books on running your own business and in 2011 his team won the Specialized Information Publishing Association (SIPA) award for best use of social media. In the UK he runs a successful consultancy called Social Biz Training which trains people on how to use social media for business.

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