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My article today is not necessarily about wealthy students, but more so the fact that there are students out there that are actually not, on a budget. Excuse me? You say. However I have had the experience to inform you now, that the student market is the most powerful one yet.
Let’s look at it in the most blunt ‘book for dummies’ way. Students receive loans to study university, majority for this loan is to spend on living, university books and costs that relate to academia. Well, the truth is, most of that is spent on going to buy drinks, outfit for Friday night, food (not Tesco, but Waitrose food) and travelling. In my day, there was never any praise of ‘yay student loans out, lets go buy books’ and be sure to know that it’s still not like that.
So, what’s the point of this comment I make, well, it means that the impression that brands, parents and other service providers have of students being on a very strict budget, is so far from the truth.
Students love to spend and they are the most loyal customers you will find. So grab them as quick as you can. is an online platform that welcomes students who appreciate the luxury industry and luxury lifestyle. We promote brands and encourage students to spend their money wisely on quality and not regretfully on short term needs. Our membership offers all the essential luxury services from P.A, travel arrangements, luxury invitation to events and much more.
You would think that our target market are the ‘rich ones’ or the 1%. Actually it’s the students that aspire to live such a luxury life. As an entrepreneur, its been a fun challenge to understand the mindset of a student because it is all about trend and what makes you look good. Don’t get me wrong, wealthier students do excite me because naturally they have experienced it all and for any feedback or market research, they are the best consultants. I trust their opinion 100%.
However my main point is that all students should, regardless of money, status or background, should have the right to enjoy or at least have a taster of the luxuries in London and in all cities. Students may be on a budget now, but when they have their career and make a good income, it will be then that you as a brand wished you had grabbed them from the very beginning.
Aileen Gilani, Founder of The Luxury Student

The Luxury student invites students, bloggers and young professionals to join this luxury membership. The Platform also welcomes new business and any luxury brand who wishes to introduce themselves to our members.

Aileen Gilani, Founder of The Luxury Student
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