Have you written a self-help book focussed on business or personal success?

My Entrepreneur Magazine is publishing a unique series aimed at increasing book sales by giving readers the opportunity to sample chapters from several titles especially handpicked by our editors.

The ground-breaking Insight Bites series will act as a unique delivery vehicle for books by encouraging readers to explore new titles while introducing them to new authors.

Each Insight Bites book will be published as both a paperback and an ebook. At the end of every sample chapter we will include the authors bio and details of where their book can be purchased.  Contributors will receive a free paperback copy of the Insight Bites book.

The first Insight Bites book will focus on the self-help genre.  Insight Bites:  Success will include books covering one of the following:

  • Personal or business success
  • Effective communication
  • Improving personal relationships
  • Meditation and mindfulness


If you would like us to include your book in Insight Bites:  Success, please email businesseditor@email.com


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