Page One Person: Christopher Burke of Brickendon Consulting and Brickendon Digital

Christopher Burke is the founder and CEO of Brickendon Consulting, an award-winning global management and technology consultancy, specialising in innovative solutions for the financial services industry, and Brickendon Digital, an innovative and free-thinking software company.


He has been successfully powering Brickendon, his transformational management and technology business, forward since 2010 when he set out to ‘step change’ and radically reform the industry model. With over 20 years’ experience advising, consulting and developing technology prototypes, Burke has successfully solved the challenges faced by a raft of large global institutions.


The driving force behind Brickendon’s global strategy, Burke has used his proven expertise and technical skills to provide innovative and lasting solutions that improve clients’ profitability and efficiency, thereby increasing their competitive edge.


Under his visionary leadership, Brickendon has continued to expand outside its London roots, establishing new offices in the USA and Poland and increasing revenue by 75% over the past three years.


Burke’s personable approach and laser-eye vision for results doesn’t only focus on profitability and efficiency for clients, but also places a heavy emphasis on diversity, seeking to unwind the dusk-to-dawn culture of the financial services sector.


In a bid to cater to today’s increasingly tech-driven society, BrickendonDigital has recently launched two new products, HotDeskPlus, a workplace optimisation tool, and EUC+, an application aimed at eliminating operational risk from board level caused by the proliferation of spreadsheets.

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